Results Report

The first-of-its-kind research — the White Men's Leadership Study — is now available for purchase at $195. Aggregate response data from 670 leaders in eight leading firms provides the only published view into the ways white men and their diverse colleagues see the effectiveness of white male leaders with diversity and inclusion.


The Results Report, at fifty pages, features the following:

  • Why Focus On White Male Leaders?
  • About the Study
  • Respondent's Profile
  • What Should Each Person Do?
  • Five Findings
  • The Effectiveness Gap
  • Ranking and Fifteen Top Tier Correlates
  • Twelve Key Competencies
  • More Data:
    Benefits and Challenges
    • D&I as Competitive Advantage and Success Factor
    • Career Confidantes
    • Ratings by Leadership Level
  • Eight Recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • Research Notes

White male leadership development seeks solutions to four challenges:

  1. The position power white men possess needs to align with the value that diversity and inclusion delivers.
  2. White male engagement amplifies the return on investing in diversity and inclusion.
  3. A successful D&I strategy includes white male leaders, positioning the organization to improve performance and grow the brand.
  4. Progress is stifled by the perceived tension between the qualifications of diverse employees and the organizational commitment to diversity.

The Results Report is a completely unique resource for improving the effectiveness of white men as they integrate diversity and inclusion into the way they lead globally.

Inclusion means everyone's in, even the white guys. This Report helps you think that through, and it equips you to make decisions about moving forward.

You've never read anything like it.